10 Minute Jump Rope & Core Workout For Beginners

This is a 10 minute jump rope & Core workout for beginners that incorporates 6 basic jump rope moves.  These are the basic jump for jump rope, plank, push up, plank twist twist, mountain climber, knee to elbow.

The aim is to perform each exercise for 30 seconds with no (or very limited break) in between exercises.  If you feel tired, then take a break, but try to get stuck back in as soon as you can. Perform all 10 exercises take a quick 15 second break and then repeat. 

If you don’t have a jump rope or a mat then try the workout without.  You can mimic the jump rope move by just jumping up and down.  Try your best for the full 10 minutes and enjoy it!

How Will This 10 Minute Jump Rope & Core Workout Help You?

This is a quick workout to get the heart rate going and work on your core.  This is a great workout if you are just starting with an exercise program or simply just want to get up and do something for 10 minutes.

#1. Basic Bounce

The basic bounce is the most fundamental jump rope move.  You keep your feet together whilst staying light on your feet and jump over the rope as it passes your eyes.   Keep the core engaged and stay focused.

#2. Plank

Your arms are straight and over shoulders your wrists.  Keep your legs straight and push back with your heels whist keeping your core tight and do not dip your back.  Hold the high plank for 30 seconds.  If you find it difficult to perform a plank then modify by dropping to your knees and holding for as long as you can.

#3. Push Up

In a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists bend at your elbows and lower yourself to the floor slowly.  Once you get to the floor then push yourself back up to starting position.  Keep your core tight and back flat.  If a full push up is a little difficult at this stage then drop to your knees and do them this way.   But make sure you push your hips forward and keep your back flat.

#4. Plank Twist Twist

Start in plank position with your wrists over your shoulders and your core tight.  Take your opposite knee to elbow underneath your body whilst trying to keep your bum down.  Perform the exercise with one leg and then repeat on the other side.  Try not to rush and focus on your core muscles and squeeze them.

#5. Mountain Climber

Start in a plank posittion with your shoulders over your wrist and back flat and core tight.  Then take your knee to your chest under your body whilst keeping your bum as low as you can and back flat.  Perform the exercise on one side then repeat on the other.  Squeeze the abdominals and don’t rush.

#6. Knee To Elbow

Start in plank position with your elbows over your wrist, core tight and back flat.  Take your knee as far as you can to your elbow on the same side and then repeat on the other side.  This can be a little taxing but you may need to take a break.  If you find that being on the feet is difficult then you can perform the move on your knees.

Workout With Me – 10 Minute Beginners Jump Rope And Core Workout 

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