Nang Yuan Island Day Trip From Koh Tao

Nang Yuan island is located on the north western tip of Ko Tao.  It consists of three  tiny little islands connected by sand bars and is promoted to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world….

I can see why…

The main island is covered with deep green trees with rocks protruding which look like they have fallen from the heavens.  The water is crystal clear with colours of light blue rolling into turquoise and deep blue which meets the beautiful white sandy beach

If you’re headed to Koh Tao for a vacation or just a quick stop off from Ko Phang Yang or Ko Samui then you should definitely check it out.

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

What You Need to Know About Nang Yuan Island

The island is only open from 10-5pm

The ferry from the pier in Mae Head takes you to Nang Yuan Island.  The boat runs twice daily or you can catch a return taxi boat for 800 baht.  It takes about 10 minutes from Mae Head.

Nang Yuan island costs 100 baht to gain admission.

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

Nang Yuan Island Koh Tao Thailand

The Rules

  • Nang Yuan does not permit plastic bottles.  Your bag will be searched when you dock and items will need to be disposed of in the bin upon entry.
  • The restaurant is the only place that permits smoking.
  • You cannot sit on your towel as fibers go into the sea but people do it anyway. 
  • Coral is not allowed to be taken from the beach.
  • Signs advise that no smoking or littering is allowed.  On the same token, I found there was limited, if not, any bins to be seen.  When you leave the island make sure you take all rubbish with you.


A part from lazing on the beach and appreciating the beautiful view on Nang Yuan island you can snorkel at Japanese Gardens.  I strongly recommend getting renting a snorkel mask if you don’t have your own.  The restaurant rents them for 100 baht.

In addition to chilling out on the beach or going for a swim, you take an easy walk up to the Ko Nang Yuan viewpoint.  The path takes about 30 minutes there and back. 

Nang Yuan Viewpoint Koh Tao Thailand

More Info About Nang Yuan Island

Nang Yuan island is super popular with tourists and there tends to be a large drop off at around 1pm. 

To get a chair you need to get there early.  If you don’t mind sitting on the beach then arrive later and stay till close.  The groups of tourists that come in on the boats leave at 3pm and the beach quietens down considerably.

If you have time whilst on your holiday, checking out the resort on the island and stay for a couple of nights. 

You can check the resort out here;

However, if you don’t have time or the budget for an overnight stay then get over there for a day trip, it should not be missed.

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