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JENNUINE FITNESS Resistance Bands with Handles. Exercise Bands for Men and Women; Strength Training, Stretching & Pilates. Workout Bands for Home Gym or Travel.

The Jennuine Fitness resistance bands set represents the ultimate fitness accessory. Each set boasts five elastic bands for exercise, stackable up to a weight equivalent of 150lbs. Crafted with strong TPE tubing, sturdier than traditional latex, these reliable and durable bands are designed to endure all types of workout regimes. Complemented by comfortable handles, this user-friendly design encourages consistent and effective workouts for men and women.

  • 5 resistance bands ranging from 10–50lbs (4.6–22.7kg)
  • Tone muscle, burn fat and improve strength & flexibility
  • Versatile & multifunctional with easy-to-assemble parts
  • High elasticity achieved by TPE tear-resistant material

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine can help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. These bands provide a controlled resistance that targets specific muscle groups, allowing for a comprehensive and effective workout enhancing overall strength and flexibility. The versatility and convenience of these resistance bands make them a valuable addition to any home gym setup.

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  • Explore Fitness Anywhere! – With our resistance bands with handles, make any location your personal gym! Ideal for workouts at your home, office, or the park, exercise resistance bands with handles convert any area into your fitness sanctuary
  • Strength Training, Yoga & Pilates – Take your yoga and Pilates and workout sessions to another level with these resistance bands for working out. Our resistance bands set help improve balance, coordination, and enhances flexibility to help you achieve your fitness goals. The resistance bands are multifunctional and versatile; ideal for stretching, rehabilitation programs and for strength training for women and men at home
  • Powerful Full Body Workout – Resistance band band workouts give you a powerful full-body workout. The fitness bands facilitate developing body strength and sculpting lean muscles. Included is a two-week program via Jennuine Fitness online app to get you started with your work out bands
  • For Beginners to Pros: Our resistance bands suit all fitness levels. With five stackable, varying intensity bands (max 150lbs), everyone from novices to seasoned athletes can use these to hit their ideal resistance level. Labelled with its level of resistance (ranging from 10–50lbs), each one is a different colour so you can quickly switch between the fitness bands mid-sweat. Stack them up to turn up the heat!
  • Premium Materials – Our exercise bands are made from robust TPE, more potent than latex, with extremely high strength and elasticity. The resistance band set provides two ankle straps and two comfortable handles which is a long-lasting addition to your home gym. A carry bag is also included for easy storage or travel – Reliable, versatile workout bands!

On-The-Go Fitness? It’s Possible!

Jennuine Fitness knows no bounds, and neither should you. Complete with a convenient carry bag, this workout bands resistance for men and women set can accompany you wherever you go. No longer do you need to forgo your exercise routine during travels. Accompanied by the Jennuine Fitness online app, you receive a two-week resistance band program for on-the-go or at-home training. Stay fit and strong anytime, anywhere, with these long resistance bands for working out.

Move Beyond, With Resistance Bands for Therapy and Fitness

Whether you’re engaging in rigorous strength training or delicate physiotherapy, this versatile set of exercise bands with handles can accommodate. Boasting the unique ability to assist in various forms of physical development—from flexibility and pilates to physiotherapy—these resistance bands for physical therapy prove to be an essential tool. The set also includes two premium quality ankle straps, enabling multi-functional training and opening the door to an array of new exercises

Invest in your fitness journey with this complete set of resistance bands and experience the freedom and flexibility of working out on your terms. Say goodbye to heavyweights and time-consuming trips to the gym and embrace the convenience and effectiveness of resistance bands. Start training anytime, anywhere, and see the amazing results for yourself.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 48 cm

2 reviews for Resistance Bands with Handles Kit

  1. MJ (verified owner)

    Really cute, resilient and useful bands, woooooow, I got surprised because I didn’t expect such great equipment for that price. The accessories are very useful so you can adapt the bands very easily depending on how hard you wish to work out.
    I’m really happy with this purchase ?, highly recommend it

  2. Martyn M (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with my purchase. The bands are excellent quality, including comfortable handles and a door anchor. These are ideal for men or women.
    There are five bands of different strengths which can also be stacked to add more resistance (weight). Easy to use at home or even when out and about.
    Also, not to be missed, there is a QR code with a free 2 week program on the Jennuine Fitness App. This really brings alive the experience with videos and workouts of how to get the best out of your bands. Highly recommended.

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