Regain Your Strength With Personal Training Ibiza

Do you feel like it’s time to make a change in your life, but struggle to get motivated?

Would you like personal training sessions at your home, villa, hotel or a location of your choice in Ibiza?

We guarantee that a friendly, qualified trainer will provide you with a motivational, high energy resistance training workout.  The sessions are combined with cardio, yoga flow (for flexibility) and some of the following activities;  HIIT, plyometrics, boxing & Yoga.

Sessions focus on technique and posture which gives you the confidence to push yourself and reach your training objectives.  Personal training is an enjoyable and fun way to learn new skills, get moving and work towards achieving your health, strength and wellness goals.

Training sessions are 1 hour in length and can be solo sessions, with your partner or arranged with a group of friends of up to three people. 

For long term training plans, you will be given access to the Jennuine Fitness App.  With the App you are able to record your body stats, upload progress photos, log your food and also preview and review your workouts. 

Whether you are on holiday with friends or live in Ibiza, Jennuine Fitness offers specialized personal training sessions to people of all ages and abilities.   Please contact me to discuss timings especially if you are booking sessions for the summer.

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Everyone has their unique fitness and wellness goals that they want to achieve when starting an exercise program.  Training with Jennuine Fitness will tailor and apply a suitable and effective course of action that will enable you to succeed.

We can all jump the gun a little and expect to achieve certain goals within unrealistic time spans.  Working with Jennuine Fitness encourages you to stay committed to the end result is a safe and controlled manner with practical long lasting effects.

Improving your posture and alignment is essential so that you can function to the best of your capabilities during exercise and also in your day to day life.  Working with a trainer will conduct you to start putting into practice different techniques that improve your balance, coordination and strength.

Starting a fitness regime is not only about exercise.  The aim is to strengthen you from inside out with guidance, support and care.  Life can be difficult at times and the impact of working with a trainer not only assists you physically but helps build confidence and find control so that you can live your best life.


Jen was amazing! She taught my oldest daughter how to properly swim and get even more confidence in water, and my son left the island jumping in the water without swimmers and with a huge feeling of achievement! was fantastic! We also booked her for Personal training sessions, which were great! I highly recommend her work. Besides being super professional, patient and really really nice!


We were staying in Ibiza for a long period of time and wanted a personal trainer for my wife who had just given birth and also someone who could help our other children with swimming lessons. Jen worked with us for the whole trip and I have to say was fantastic, very personable, friendly and made every session / lesson very fun. Our children can both now swim after the improvements Jen made and my wife loved her style / programme regarding personal training. We loved having her help us on our holiday and couldn’t recommend her enough!



“This has been the best holidays in Ibiza so far as we had brilliant swim lessons for the girls (10), great new swimming styles as well as lots of fun with aqua dancing and ballet. Jen knows how to motivate the kids and never gets tired of being super positive with them. I can highly recommend her!.”


Jenn was truly amazing as a fitness and swimming coach. Our daughter made immense progress in a very short period of time, which was not an easy task. Thank you so much Jenn and we look forward to next year!